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Hey guys I just wanted to share with you my latest hobby :)
I’ve never been able to get the store page on the TCGS site to work. At
first it was OK cos although I was going to buy that Jersey Dave shirt and
gave up, when I moved to the city it had changed to the cum rag which was
even better - my plan was to attach the rag to my backpack then wear the
broken shirt over my t-shirts in the autumn. That way you can still see the
t-shirt but my arms are toasty :) But even on a different computer it still
wouldn’t work! My browsers have always been hopelessly out-of-date.
But I really wanted something themed to wear to Sketchfest, so I made a
Saddlebee Neigh-T Hive shirt! I love SNH and I’m kinda proud of that one,
even though the faces didn’t exactly turn out quite right :P
It is seriously addictive though. So this is my new one, Human Fish themed!
It’s a bit rough but presumably so is the life of a half human half fish.
(And one day, ONE DAY, I will get that cum rag. And then never call it that
in front of my parents.)

TL;DR: here is thing I made

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