TUESDAY CLIPS: Episode #57 - Celebrities, Come Validate Us!

On Wednesday we’ll be meeting ten new characters, one of which will be added to TCGS’s official canon. Before we do that, though, let’s take a look back at some highlights from last week’s episode: Celebrities, Come Validate Us! 

Above, Dru Johnston gave us a peek at his incredible gift to mimic the voices and mannerisms of celebrities. Some were so dead on, you almost would have thought those famous people were in the studio with us. (They weren’t.) 

We all just fell in love with our musical guest Laura Stevenson and the Cans. Watch them perform “The Healthy One” and “Master of Art” off their album Sit Resist - Which you should totally give them your money for. 

Is it appropriate to use this time to admit my crush on Laura Stevenson? I guess not. But check them out anyway. 

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