Tuesday 11/6 - All Day TCGS ELECTION COVERAGE!

From noon to midnight on Tuesday, November 6th, TCGS has been invited to provide all day election coverage on MNN 4. We have gleefully accepted this offer and look forward to providing you with what might not be the BEST, and definitely won’t be the most ACCURATE, but will absolutely be the FUNNIEST and WEIRDEST and MOST POORLY RESEARCHED all day election coverage in ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY.

Seriously, we are so psyched to get in there and do a twelve hour broadcast from MNN. Rumor has it this will be the longest continuous broadcast in MNN history. We are honored and flattered to get in there and accomplish such a monumental feat, and we are going to throw down hard.

MNN 1 will feature a broadcast of the same length by the esteemed Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. While I have the utmost respect for Ms. Goodman and am positive her election coverage will be more journalistically responsible, informative, and straight up better than ours, I can guarantee you hers will not feature a shirtless half man/half fish nor calls from a person known only as Calstead who lives in Middlesex County, NJ, is obsessed with couches, and half screams everything he says. I dare you to prove me wrong, Amy Goodman.

Our broadcast will feature dumb bits, live calls, special guests, musical performances, and A WHOLE LOT OF CHAOS.

It will also feature live coverage of the candidate we proudly endorsed over a year ago, Connor Ratliff. I’ve heard that Connor’s campaign headquarters will actually be housed in a companion MNN studio. We will be checking in with him throughout the day, and have great optimism that Mr. Ratliff is poised to give Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney a run for their respective monies.

We will be live streaming our coverage of this event via this website, as well as at www.mnn.org – furthermore, all twelve hours of Connor Ratliff’s campaign headquarters will be available for their own viewing. That link will be available through www.thechrisgethardshow.com as well.

We really look forward to hearing from you on election day. All facetiousness aside, we are honored and flattered to be a part of this thing, and hope that when the tension and nerves of a day that determines the course of American history gets to be too daunting, you’ll turn to us for some tension release via our dumb comedy.


Chris Gethard

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    This will be a nice distraction from either amazing or earth-shakingly horrible news! Tune in!
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    Now THIS is exciting.
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    I like the balloon part.
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    In 2008, I was interning at Colbert Report and got to spend the election there. I really think it makes total sense that...
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    I’m part of this madness/fun/important political campaign. Mostly during the day. Like 1-5. Some fun stuff is planned,...
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    What about senior outreach?
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    I’m gonna be part of this from about 6:30 PM onward! I’m the campaign’s Youth Ambassador! Tune in to see me in the...
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    …will absolutely be the best way to watch me become President. Seriously, from NOON to MIDNIGHT on Tuesday, be sure to...
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    As always, I’m proud to be a part of this craziness. The Man Behind The Plant will be there.
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