Don’t forget, everyone -

We’re bringing our weird brand of party to SAN FRANCISCO SKETCHFEST tomorrow night! 

Just so you know, the title of the SF Sketchfest show is SOME GUY’S GIRLFRIEND FUCKED HIM OVER.

A fan of the show contacted me and said she’s excited to come see it in person. With her boyfriend. She also mentioned that she would think it was funny if we brought her boyfriend on stage without his knowledge and messed with him as a segment of the show.

I asked her if we could make that the whole show.

She said yes.

Our entire show on Friday will involve tormenting the boyfriend of a female fan of TCGS who sold out her boyfriend for her own amusement. I invite all of San Francisco to come and join us as we put this poor sap through the ringer just to make his girlfriend laugh.

And if you are a guy and you are coming to the show with your girlfriend… know that she may have already thrown you under the bus and things are in motion.

It’s gonna be fun as SHIT!

Shannon O’Neill! Murf! Bethany! The LLC! Jake Fogelnest! The Human Fish!

Get your tickets and info here! And then tell every single human you come across to check it out. If you can’t make it out - We’re no longer friends.

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    This will be perfect.
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    Leaving for San Francisco shortly to make some dude’s night out at the theatre difficult!
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  5. hoodedsweatshirt said: you guys, I’m flying up from LA to see this and Virgin is already causing me headaches for this flight. sensing an anxiety attack tomorrow…..
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    I am soooooo pumped to see this tomorrow!
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