Question for Gethard - Why don’t you start your own network?

Because that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars in start up money, as well as advertising, staffing, developing, and maintaining a full slate of shows, and I’m an unsuccessful comedian from a middle class neighborhood in northern New Jersey.

Believe me - If I could get my own network somehow, it would be the craziest network in the history of things being networked. That being said, I can’t get anyone to even bite on our show - if you know of a way I can leapfrog that piece of the equation and get straight to owning the CW, please give me the inside scoop. I am honestly all ears.

I feel like this answer came off as sarcastic. I hope it didn’t and apologize if it did. I would love to start a network. But I don’t know how, and the only thing I do know about it is that it takes more money than I will ever see added up total over the entire span of my life.



  1. theetommygunz said: If I find a big bag of money I’ll let you know.
  2. laslopalace said: time to get investors….doing good work at sketch fest will help…also trying to do what cory booker is doing b w/ comedy would work better-do good work and make sure it’s seen by famous celebrities would definitely help. you did the office..
  3. digitalcable said: theres an interesting paradigm shift that people seem to over look and thats the internet kind of gave everyone their own network. It might not have the same money now but you control it and people all over the world like it and that seems like a win
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