Tonight! 11pm EST! TCGS GOES TROPICAL! (To Save Vacation Jason!)

Vacation Jason has been a recurring presence on TCGS - much to the bane of Chris - as “The World’s #1 Vacation Expert”. Last Saturday he was involved in a freak coconut accident, and now has no memory of who he is. We’re hosting a beach party in our tiny Harlem studio in hopes that it’ll reawaken the googy in him. Will we pull this off? Or have we lost Vacation Jason to “Jason Reinlib” forever?

Studio Audience: Show up right, or don’t show up! Priority will be given to those in beachwear and tropical gear. If you are not in a swimsuit, tropical shirt, etc - you will very likely not be admitted.

Ratz-Carlton: We realize we don’t have the same jurisdiction over the chatroom, but we hope that you’ll enforce the same rules in your area.

We go live at 11pm EST! Get googy with us at TheChrisGethardShow.com!