TheyAskedAboutYou asks - You’re lookin’ cute these days, Gethard. Does someone ”style” you for your sxsw vidéos?

Thank you for saying I’ve been looking cute.

No one styled me. Those are all items from my personal wardrobe. In the past year I’ve been introduced to the J Crew slim cut men’s line and to say it’s been revelatory would be an understatement. Finding clothes that actually fit me well has lead to a lot of confidence and happiness. Possessions mean very little to me. Image means very little to me. I don’t think clothes make the man. I do think I’m a person who historically has bouts of low self-confidence, and finding a clothing line that fits me right and putting some care into choosing clothes I feel confident in does help take away some anxieties I usually have when walking out the door.

I think there are versions of that for a lot of us out there. Putting effort into one’s confidence, to one’s health, to one’s mental care, to one’s career, working to find ways to be happier, to be more at peace, to have less anxieties - I think these are things that should be encouraged and applauded. For some people that’s working out, or getting a new haircut, or going to a shrink for the first time, or volunteering at a charitable organization, or redefining career goals. Self-improvement in an honest way not influenced by the pressures of others is a rewarding and relaxing process. 

At least that’s what I think. Anyway, thank you. I don’t think of myself as a very attractive person a lot of the time.

- CG

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    Chris gets it. J Crew is the fucking best. How dare you throw shade at J Crew, Andres?
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    It’s so precious.
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    I want to make a joke about Chris loving J Crew, but it’s such a genuinely sweet love he has towards it I can’t make fun...
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