From the TCGS Q&A:


After the Murf v. Gimghoul special, Chris Gethard, Murf, Bananaman, Brian Miller, and others held a Q&A about the special, upcoming Comedy Central pilot, and other things. I tried to write down as much as possible for those who weren’t there, but this isn’t a complete list and I missed a lot of good information.

Regarding the pilot:

  • It will be more interactive, not less.
  • There will not be a Random in the pilot, but a new Random will be chosen if taken to series.
  • It will be a half hour.
  • They are hoping to continue calls and music on CC.
  • The Human Fish will be in the pilot.
  • There will be an actual set for the CC pilot, it will not be filmed at MNN.
  • Gethard would love to fight Pete Holmes during the pilot.
  • Gethard will not do the Ritz Carlton in the pilot.
  • The pilot may never be seen, whether or not it goes to series.
  • Filming times are looking like the end of January.

If the pilot gets picked up…:

  • The show will hopefully air live.
  • More content will be made for web exclusives.
  • Messenger Bag will stay involved with the show in some form, but the nature of that involvement has yet to be determined.
  • The show will feature more celebrity involvement, specifically allies and friends of the show.
  • If the pilot isn’t picked up, the show will do a few farewell episodes on public access to wrap up loose ends and then end the show.

General TCGS stuff:

  • Geth has wanted to have Robot Fights 2 but storing the cardboard is an issue
  • Gethard still has no idea who the sleeping girl from #112 is
  • Gethard has attempted to get an Ergs reunion on the show
  • As of last knowledge - Billy Boice is with Billy Zane’s manager.
  • Gethard’s biggest caller pet peeve is when people don’t turn down their TV/computers.
  • The public access archive should stay up forever.
  • If you love Talkin’ TCGS you will enjoy the Spirit of Gethard 3.

Other stuff:

  • Gethard is in 2 episodes of Comedy Central’s “Broad City”.
  • Partway through the Q&A, Gethard’s keyboard broke from too much typing and the answers became less coherent and used fewer vowels.

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