I’m Releasing My First Album on April 22nd on Don Giovanni Records


My name is Chris Gethard and you might know me from such things as The Chris Gethard Show, cameos on The Office and Louie and in the movies The Heat and The Other Guys or as the weak-willed boss in the new Comedy Central hit BROAD CITY.

But mostly what I am is a comedian who has done thousands of improv, storytelling, and stand up shows throughout New York City over the past fourteen years. 

I’m so excited to announce that I’m putting out my first ever album on April 22nd of this year, and pre-orders go on sale today.

You can pre-order the vinyl version at - http://dongiovannirecords.com/product/115-my-comedy-album

You can pre-order the digital version at - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/my-comedy-album/id804235512?ls=1

I’m really proud of it. I think it represents a lot of the work I’ve been doing on stage and where I’m at as a solo artist circa the end of 2013. Many TCGS fans have consistently said that they wish they knew more about my solo work. Well this is your chance!

For true blue fans - I want to highly recommend ordering the vinyl version. It will come with a download of the album so you can still have it digitally, PLUS it will come with a second download code for a whole slew of bonus tracks you can’t get anywhere else. On top of that, I’m signing every vinyl copy before it gets in the mail. And on top of THAT, we’re only doing a one time pressing of 500 copies of the vinyl version so if you want that collector’s item on your shelf you should pre-order it today. 

It means the world to me that the record is coming out on Don Giovanni Records. Anyone who knows my work knows that I am someone who really likes the idea of working with friends, of building bonds, of keeping things in the family. And Joe at Don Giovanni has really gone out of his way over the past few years to express support my work and the way we’ve approached things with TCGS. I’m a Jersey guy who grew up going to punk shows in church basements then attended Rutgers University - if there’s any label that I should be working with, it’s clearly this one, and I’m so so honored.

I am now labelmates with people like Screaming Females, Shellshag, Laura Stevenson, Waxahatchee, Black Wine, THE ERGS!, and so many more bands that I love. Just from that list alone, fans of The Chris Gethard Show can see that Don Giovanni is doing something really special - it’s why our music bookers have consistently sought out the chance to put their artists on our show, and a huge part of why I want to reiterate that I’m so psyched and flattered to be releasing this under their umbrella. Making an album at all is an experiment for me, and putting out a comedy album is a huge experiment for Don Giovanni, and I’m glad to be taking this chance along with them. It’s all about DIY, artists supporting artists, people working together because they believe in it.

This idea never came up until it felt like Joe and I were legitimately on the same page and the respect for each others’ work was established. It’s a matter of working with friends, which I love. It’s all about friends with this one - Carson Kopp, one of my best friends from high school, recorded the album itself. We did it at  The Creek, a venue that’s supported me and my endeavors for years now. The artwork is all by Diana Kolsky, a great friend of mine who many of you probably saw get engaged to Murf “The Reservoir Dog” Meyer live on the TCGS airwaves. We’re keeping this thing small and cool and under our control for all the real kids out there. 

As for the album itself, I think you’ll dig it! A whole bunch of stories and jokes about things that have happened to me, debauchery I’ve foolishly participated in, television shows I torture myself by watching, and heartbreaks I’ve had. All the dumb idiocy mixed with heartfelt emo bullshit you’ve come to expect from Chris Gethard. I really hope you’ll check it out and enjoy it! ALSO, THE CLOSING TRACK IS A SONG WITH ME AND MAL BLUM, WHICH IS SO RAD AND I AM SO GLAD SHE ACTUALLY BECAME MY FRIEND.

Again, those vinyl versions are very limited and I hope you pre-order them sooner rather than later if you want one - my guess is that they’re going to move pretty quick and I want to give the diehard fans who have supported me the earliest possible heads up so they can grab one if they are so inclined.


Very sincerely,

Chris Gethard

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