TCGS @ DCM 16: TCGame of ThroneS (And a chance to see the pilot!)


Tickets and Info at!

Last year at the Del Close Marathon, TCGS put together a show where you were able to enter a series of tents to hang out one on one with your favorite members of the TCGS family. It was interactive and weird and super fun.

This year we’re upping the ante by linking you up with cast members so you can FIGHT other cast members and other AUDIENCE members. It will be a tournament unlike anything the world’s ever seen, with your favorite public access absurdist goofballs honoring Del Close in a series of competitive trials.

It’s going to be interactive theater of the most competitive and perhaps physically risky caliber.

I don’t know if anyone else in America feels this way, but the past few years I’ve been into this TV show called Game of Thrones, and the book series it was spawned from. And that gave me an idea – why can’t we try to live for one night in a world that works like that world? Why can’t we layer the TCGS universe on top of a pseudo-medieval society, then hold a tournament where actual audience members compete in a tournament where they face off for an ultimate prize?


Here’s how our show at DCM will work this year…

Every audience member will show up and be given a card. That card will have the sigil of the house of a specific character from TCGS. You will then find that character’s banner and let them know you are a member of their house’s army. Will you be an island storming warrior fighting for Vacation Jason? Will you be a sad hidden member of the House of The Man Behind the Plant? You’ll be randomly linked up with one of these lower houses where one of our characters will aim to lead you to VICTORY.

All of the houses will be loaded into the theater, at which time each will be asked to pledge fealty to either the House Gethard, House Shannon O’Neill, or House Murf. These three central houses will then call upon their bannermen to compete in a series of dumb events.

The winning members of these events will remain in competition. The losing members will be considered DEAD and sent behind The Wall. Who knows what goes on behind the Wall? I hear there are crazy zombies back there.


When only one team is left standing, they will be declared the winner of this tournament. The surviving members of that house will be granted our prize – THE WINNERS WILL BE TAKEN TO A DIFFERENT LOCATION AND WILL BE SHOWN THE PILOT TCGS SHOT FOR COMEDY CENTRAL.


Come compete, for your honor and your legacy! Try to KILL other audience members. Represent your minor and major houses. And avoid the icy doom that awaits you beyond the wall!

Here are some of the rumored participants who will be leading their own houses: Vacation Jason, Connor Ratliff, Bethany Hall, The Human Fish, The Writer Fired From the New Yorker for Being TOO Pretentious, The Hintmaster, Bee, Meowgic Matt Magician for Cats, The Ghost of the Ultimate Warrior, Zero Fucks Boyd, The Man Behind the Plant, 40 Year Old Goosey, Mimi on the Hoops, Mopey Janitor With Bad Timing And A Broken Mop, Vampire Abraham Lincoln Hunter, The Guy Who Likes Cream But Not TOO Much Cream, Alyssa, and more!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tickets for this show are $20, but I want to highly encourage you to not buy those tickets. You can buy a wristband for the entire Del Close Marathon for $30. People with those wristbands will be given stand by access to our show. Our theater seats close to 700 people and we will definitely not sell 700 tickets. You will be able to get in with your wristband. I really think you’ll get more for your money if you spend the extra ten bucks and check out our show as well as a few other shows during the Del Close Marathon. There are a whole bunch of great shows and if you’re a TCGS fan I think you’ll really get a lot more value by seeing our show as your base and then seeing a slew of great comedians in other shows as well. (And if you do your research, you can find tons of other shows featuring TCGS cast members!)

 Keep in mind a lot of the venues get packed, but you can see the waits by following @DCM_Lines on Twitter. And for a lot of the shows at the huge venues, the stand by lines are a good bet. Some shows in those venues featuring TCGS talent include Sagher and Gethard, which features Chris and frequent TCGS guest Tami Sagher, Fwand (a legendary improv team featuring Shannon), and Key & Peele Writers featuring Phil Jackson. There are so many good shows and with a wristband I think you can really enjoy TCGS as well as so many more great comedy things.

 That being said, if you want to spend twenty bucks just on our show we are very flattered and hope we bring enough heat to make you feel like it was worth those hard earned bucks!

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