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This week the first caller chooses what the entire episode will be about. What will they choose? Will it be able to sustain a full hour? With special musical guest Chumped.

Some jerk didn’t post this on Friday like he was supposed to. That guy should get fired. 

This week we celebrate our long time creative contributer Juan in a live retrospective! We ask our fans to call in with their favorite moments of Juan on TCGS - there are so many to choose from, because this DEFINITELY isn’t only Juan’s second appearance on the show! 

This week we learned things that our fans have NEVER TOLD ANYONE! A new Random! Baby kissing! Joe Mande! A guy in a tracksuit accusing a caller of being a liar! 

This is good stuff. 

TCGS #117 - A Big Announcement

…No but really. If you don’t know what this is all about yet, I can’t help you.

TCGS #107 - We Got Nothing 2 

We got nothing. The only things we got are Quitzow who mesmerizes our audience in dancing a lot. We got Mal Blum. We got Chris and Messenger Bag at odds. We got J.D. being a jerk. We got interesting callers. But, other than that we got nothing… two.

Best end credits we’ve ever done.

TCGS #106 - The Villain’s Journey

Is Random Messenger Bag truly a hero or just a man who has yet to be properly tested? Also, the Front Bottoms join us and make our audience go crazy!

One of the most shocking and discussed episodes of TCGS’s entire run - out on our archive a day early. If you missed it live last night, get a look at this immediately!

TCGS #105 - Caller Critiques

Jake Fogelnest joins the panel to critique our callers. The best caller, as decided by Jake, wins the “Lookin’ at Dicks for an Hour” skirt from Episode #99. We also get a pop culture update from our pop culture experts: Bee and Horse.

TCGS #104 - Space Battle

The Human Fish has been captured by an alien and only a board-game based space battle captained by Mad Men’s Rich Sommer can get him back. Will the Human Fish survive? Will we bail on the board game because the audience isn’t having fun? Will musical guest Night Birds go crazy and fight our panel because the board game isn’t fun to watch? Will we all hold hands and be lead in a group prayer by a man who masturbates beasts? These questions and more will be answered in this episode!

This episode is such a magical clusterfuck of an hour, and a perfect example of TCGS’s mission statement: 

We will either show you something so different and fun that you’ll remember it fondly forever, or we will deliver such a spectacular train wreck of failure that you will leave our show scarred and broken, a shell of your former self.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of SPACE CADETS DICE DUEL - which, admittedly, we haven’t provided the best commercial for, head over to our friends at Stronghold Games and preorder it!

TCGS #103 - Turtle Birthday

We have a birthday for a Turtle! Dru Johnston hosts this spectacular birthday bash for the turtle Beefeater (who is chaperoned by it’s owner Caitlin). We have some guests stop by to give gifts to the turtle and Butterscotch Stanley gets people jumping around. A fitting event for the birthday of a turtle.

Best Turtle Birthday of all time?

TCGS #102 - Destroy-A-Toy

Bobby Moynihan loves toys. Callers decide which challenges Bobby has to endure in order to save toys from destruction. Some things get awkward and gross, while other things get broken. Mike Doughty is in studio getting intimate with both his music and the human fish. Good times are had by almost but not quite all.