TCGS #70 - Fanfiction Theater

We’ve done some pretty weird stuff at TCGS, but this one is definitely something else. We’ve taken fan-submitted stories featuring the cast and characters from our world and performed them live. This episode has spaceships, phone sex, Cleveland steamers, David Mamet, lightsabers, and Bobby Moynihan.

Typical Wednesday, right?

Tonight! Fanfiction Theater on TCGS!

Fanfiction is a little weird - but as it stands, so is our show. Perhaps tonight we’ll find that they go hand in hand! We’ve asked our viewers to submit short fanfiction stories about our cast and characters to then act out on public access airwaves. SNL’s Bobby Moynihan and The Keeper of the Battledome will be returning to the show to help us with this (ridiculous) task. 

We’ve also got Craig Finn on the show tonight as a musical guest, and that is going to kick ass.

We go live at 11pm EST at!

Zero out of ten doctors say that reblogging this post will make you more attractive - but what do they know?


Fanfiction, for the uninitiated, is the practice of taking a published work: film, television series, comic book, late night public access variety show - and writing a fan created story around it. A lot of times this is used to make Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy do it in the Room of Requirement when Professor Snape isn’t looking. (If you’re interested in more of this, you can look at my profile. I’m 72 chapters in and it’s getting hot.)

This week we’re taking submissions of your TCGS fanfiction and staging it on the show!

Want to see Shannon fist fight Bananaman to the death?

Looking to see what happens when Bethany and Murf get trapped in the earth’s core and need to fight a series of monsters in order to get out?

In the mood for the World’s Greatest Dancer Rob Malone to give a touching monologue about the nature of human sadness?

Now’s your chance! Write up scenes featuring any and every of the TCGS regulars – Gethard, Shannon, Bethany, Murf, The Human Fish, the LLC, Bananaman, Rob Malone, Hot Dog Parrish, Jersey Dave, Noah, Dru, Vacation Jason, Phil Jackson, Connor Ratliff – go for broke! We’ll do our best to get all of those people in attendance on Wednesday so you can see your creation brought to life on the public access airwaves.

This. is going. to be. a crazy one. 

You can get more information here on the official site, and make sure that you get your submissions in by Wednesday at noon!

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