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You might recognize someone in this NBC promo. 

From the Reddit group, regarding IFC: Does this have any bearing on your “dream” from your recent blog post? If TCGS made its way to IFC would you feel the same way as if it were on NBC or would it be a first step?

There are a lot of cool discussions starting to brew over at , which was randomly started by a fan of the show. If you’re a redditor, make sure to join up in that subreddit and take part in things - it’s such a cool site and to have a tiny presence building up there is awesome. The above was asked as part of a discussion of the news of Gethard working with IFC - his way too long answer is below:

Getting onto one of the national non-cable networks is the major part of that post that exists in a world of fantasy. In reality, cable tv and even the internet are viable options now that offer a person like me the creative flexibility and breathing room that networks today don’t really dream of. And they also allow most of that fantasy post to come to fruition anyway, with only some slight changes in approach.

So with that in mind, if TCGS made its way on to IFC, I would be nothing but completely ecstatic. I think any fan of comedy looks at IFC as one of a small handful of networks currently allowing creators to do comedy their way.

There’s FX, Adult Swim, and IFC. Those are pretty much about it, right? IFC has taken chances on Comedy Bang Bang, Bunk, Portlandia, Bullet in the Face, Todd Margaret… not to mention the catalogue of shows they’ve licensed is like a murderer’s row among comedy nerds.

IFC would be a fantastic home for TCGS if that ever came to pass. I would not consider it a first step. I would consider it an honor and a victory.

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