TCGS #94 - Conspiracy Theory Gary Show

We hand over our show to fellow MNN producer Conspiracy Theory Gary and let him put on the Conspiracy Theory Gary Show. He discussed conspiracies, has special guests Mary Samuel-Simpson, Rob Malone, Milo CLASSIFIED, Bo Montez, and many more. He has musical guest A BUNCH OF DEAD PEOPLE and by the end he summons a shadow creature. Just another night on MNN.

Our 17 year old friend Alyssa is taking over the show this week. Here’s a teaser, and a few words from the host herself!

Hey everyone, it’s Alyssa!  This week I’m hosting the show, so, in a way, we should really appreciate that #HollywoodGethard is a thing, because otherwise I would only be able to annoy Chris through talking and tweeting about Beyonce.  But instead, I get to worship her for an hour with a bunch of people in his name and it’ll live on the internet forever! What a world.  

To be honest, I’m very nervous about hosting this week.  I’m really good at taking charge and bossing #teenz around at school, but at TCGS I’m treated like a kid who is about half of everyone’s age (because I am) and it’s the best.  But if I’ve learned anything from Beyonce, it’s that if you want things done right, you should take charge and do them yourself.  And to wear a lot of body glitter.  

But I’m not really taking charge, because Chris and everyone are letting me do this, and I’ll have a lot of help.  There are some great things planned that will be a lot of fun, but I don’t want to give too much away.  A lot of people are really interested in showing their love for Queen Bey/King B/BK/Mrs. Carter, and it will be a party.  The best party.  

Most importantly, we want you to call in and tell us your favorite things about Beyonce.  With someone like Beyonce, people like to say negative things about her just for the sake of doing so, and I’d really appreciate it if no one did that.  If Beyonce were to ever watch this, would you want to be that jerk?  We’re talking about Beyonce here. She can summon the powers of the earth when she wants a breeze.  She gets special permission from the United States government to vacation in Cuba.  Don’t mess with her.  That being said, if you’re not a full-on Beyonce fan (even though I know you all are), let’s talk about that!  I bet you’ll convert to this Bey-utiful way of life. 

I hope you’re all excited for a night of celebration of a truly incredible woman hosted by a weird, nervous kid.  There will probably be shrieking, tears, and getting the chills when I see a picture of her face.  All of that, PLUS Clinical Trials are super awesome and we can all make fun of Chris for missing out.  

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