(crosspost from Facebook, because this is CLEARLY IMPORTANT)

First, Colbert is America’s greatest living satirist, and his ascendancy to Late Show is just showbiz playing catch-up on that fact, as far as I’m concerned.

SECOND comedycentral. You have an opening now. You will be tempted to fill it with Tosh.0 four nights a week. RESIST.

Choose one of the good guys, one who (along with an amazing crew of genius weirdos) has a pilot for you in the can, ready for greenlighting.

Choose thechrisgethardshow. The strangest, most punk rock, DIY, anything goes and everyone’s welcome show to ever grace the small screen.

For your consideration, I present this clip from their return to public access last week, featuring the entire cast, crew, and audience dancing joyously to … Wheatus. Remember Wheatus?!? Chris Gethard does, and he brought them back. Isn’t that argument enough to give TCGS the gig?

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