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Ancestor of Shannon O’Neill, the valiant Sir Tittus, was the first victim of the infamous Hemlock Gang on last Wednesday’s show. Here we see her honorable death speech.

Last Wednesday’s Ultimate Public Access Party had so many great moments - I’m truly not envious of JD Amato for having to pick a highlight for YouTube. 

Scream Fights saw Murf take on Random Orlando and Omar, Omar vs Pig, and PIg vs Chimp. 

This quickly turns into one of the most unsettling bits the show has ever done.

Last week’s “Truth or Dare” show was completely crazy. In this clip, Dru Johnston is dared to challenge Rob “World’s Greatest Dancer” Malone to an arm wrestling match. 

Another favorite moment was Camera-Rockstar Emma Noble reading tweets in her interpretation of what the people writing them sound like. You can check that one out on YouTube.

Last week’s show was a ton of fun - Here’s your chance to review all of your favorite #Murfday memories! 

There is still time to get your votes in on who should be the new recurring character on The Chris Gethard Show.  In the final hours, support has come pouring in, and the race is as heated as ever. 

Vinegar Al and Guy Who Likes Cream BUT NOT TOO MUCH CREAM are neck and neck - it’s still far too close to call. If you haven’t voted yet, check out our video above recapping the events of last Wednesday. Vote informed! 

Check back at midnight tonight to find out which fictional character won over the hearts of the TCGS community. We’re watching history in the making, folks. They’re going to make movies about this some day. 

TUESDAY CLIPS: Episode #57 - Celebrities, Come Validate Us!

On Wednesday we’ll be meeting ten new characters, one of which will be added to TCGS’s official canon. Before we do that, though, let’s take a look back at some highlights from last week’s episode: Celebrities, Come Validate Us! 

Above, Dru Johnston gave us a peek at his incredible gift to mimic the voices and mannerisms of celebrities. Some were so dead on, you almost would have thought those famous people were in the studio with us. (They weren’t.) 

We all just fell in love with our musical guest Laura Stevenson and the Cans. Watch them perform “The Healthy One” and “Master of Art” off their album Sit Resist - Which you should totally give them your money for. 

Is it appropriate to use this time to admit my crush on Laura Stevenson? I guess not. But check them out anyway.