The Ukulele Army is on the move! The newest lesson is up— it’s a really exiting one, because it teaches how to play the TCGS Theme Song. Woohoo!

If you’re still contemplating joining our ranks, it’s never too late. We’re having a blast! Check out the message board if you wanna see what we’ve been up to.

Hey you! Pick up a silly instrument and have some fun with us.

Hey, everybody, it’s Hallie from the LLC with another post about the UKULELE ARMY.  If you haven’t heard about the Ukulele Army, here’s the deal:  I’ll be uploading videos every week where fans of the show can teach themselves to play the songs from the show… on the ukulele.  So, obviously, I encourage everyone to get their mitts on a uke and play along!  But, really, ALL instruments are welcome in the Army.  So if you really want to use these videos to learn the songs on another instrument, that’s cool, too.  

This week, we are kicking it into high gear with TWO lessons, which I’ve uploaded to the TCGS You Tube channel.  The first goes over some ukulele basics to get you started, and the second teaches a couple chords and a really simple song using those chords.  

And here’s the best part:  I wanna see how everybody’s progressing!  So once you know the first song, consider posting a video of yourself playing it.  The best place to post it is in the UKULELE ARMY thread on the TCGS message board.  Don’t be shy, we’re all terrible at this point, haha.  If you don’t feel comfortable posting a video, no worries; but if you’re feeling brave, DO IT!  If you can play and sing at the same time, post that!  If all you can do is play the song with no singing, post that!  If all you can do is hold the ukulele and talk about how bad you are at it, post that!  Doesn’t matter… just show the rest of the Army how you’re doing.   We’re all in it together.  

Thanks so much to everyone who’s accepting the mission!  Ukulele Army, CHARGE!

This week we released two lessons! Here are some of the basics of Ukuleleing - then you can head over to Part Two to learn your first song “I’M GOING TO LEARN TO PLAY THE UKULELE MOTHERFUCKER!”

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